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The best investment in this world is, invest in your children’s education. No one can take that away. It is worth it to spend little extra money. Because, what you spend for a few years, will earn them a living for the rest of their lives.

In this high tech world, everything is calculated using mathematics. Understanding of basic mathematics is a must for every human being. It is our desire to help those who are weak or wanted to advance in mathematics through our best teachers. Below are our 2 primary goals through our online maths tutor program.
  1. Make our students “Gems in Mathematics” with our 1 to 1 tuition program
  2. Even though this is a personal business of Sam & Rena Vonumu, They made a commitment to donate 50% of the monthly fee to Uplift a Child International so that they can support more less fortunate children for education. That means, every parent who enrolls their child for our online maths will get a tax deduction for the 50% of the monthly fee paid.
How much is the monthly fee?
US$200 per month.
You can either pay monthly or yearly. Get a 10% discount on yearly payment

What are the requirements for the students?

  1. They must have access to Internet
  2. They must have a webcam
  3. They must attend all 3 classes per week (13 classes per month)

About our Teachers

  • All of our teachers are M.Sc Mathematics who specialized in their subject.
  • All of them have a proven track record of success in Mathematics
  • All are from India. You may wonder why? Every country is unique for something. India is Unique for mathematics. The value of “0” in mathematics has been invented by India. Many countries debated it but more than the question, every one knows the answer. Indian Mathematics teachers are well known and all over the world. So, learn Mathematics from the best of the best in the world.
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